What is it — What do they do? 


 PTC stands for “Parent Teacher Committee".  As federal, state, and district dollars become less and less, our role becomes even more important.  Simply, we organize events to raise money to fund activities our school would otherwise do without.  For example, at Forest Lake, money raised was used for new playground equipment, art teachers, the Accelerated Reader program, technology upgrades, field trips, classroom projects, and supplies.  All the things that help make our schools GREAT!

The PTC needs your help!  Volunteers are needed to help with fund raisers, activities, and programs.  If every parent chose just one activity in which to be involved, we’d be able to accomplish so much more!  Even if you can’t be at the school during school hours, there are things to do while at home, or in the evenings.  Please consider joining the PTC.  You will make a difference!

                             Chair:          Jody Briske   
                          Co-Chair:    Nikki Gebhart 
                          Secretary:  Shelly Bennet
                          Treasurer:  Sara Johnson


PTC Supported Items and Events:

Ink Cartridges



MARSS Classroom
Sound System

Art Fair & Pizza Night

Playground Equipment

Two-Way Radios

Playground Maintenance

"Reading is Fundamental"

Classroom Technology

Field Trips

Computers & Software

Forest Lake Flyer
Spirit Wear

Accelerated Reader

Book Fairs

Seat Sacks for classrooms

LCD Projectors &

Art Supplies

Halloween Party

Field Trips

Winter Festival

Earth Day

Fun Day

Grandparent's Day

Materials & Supplies

Laminate Rolls